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February 2013

Hair Extension Color & Lengths To Choose From


So Many Colors and Lengths to Choose From

We are excited to update the color list and length availability for ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits! We hope the new selection suits you guys, too, and you find new extension hair to try. It is fun to change-up the looks nice in a while! I like to keep people guessing at what look I will be wearing the next time they see me :)

Super Long Extension Hair Lengths Were Added

ManeMaxx® has just added super long lengths of extension hair in 22 and 28 inch extension hair!

I've been wearing the 22 inch extension hair and I have to say, I am LOVING the long length for summer! It is fun to wear down and it creates a super long ponytail when I wear the extension hair up in a high pony on the top of my head and I love that! The high pony on the top of my head still allows the hair to fall past my shoulder :)"

Worried Over Your Color Selection?

You shouldn't! Of all the extension hair we select online and via email, there is rarely a problem! Many times the messages about screen selections are positive and from surprised customers who are amazed at how well their (or our) selection matches and blends with their hair!

One ManeMaxx® customer who has ordered multiple color and length selections says the hair is like "magic! No matter what I choose it matches perfectly!"

If you have a question on color, feel free to post a picture on the ManeMaxx® GET SATISFACTION page (your public inquiry may help others with the same question) or feel free to open a support ticket and send in a picture for our thoughts on your color selection.

You can find ManeMaxx® public help page here or ManeMaxx® private ticketing system here.

ManeMaxx® Extension Hair Color Descriptions

When choosing colors and comparing them to the color processes you may be doing yourself or getting in a salon, it's nice to note your hair color may fade a bit as you are washing your hair. The extension hair will not fade. This means you can safely darken your own hair a bit beyond your hair extensions and usually end up with a good blend.

Black: This is the darkest extension hair and will blend with hair coloring in the 1 and 2 range as well as natural hair at the darkest level.

Dark Brown: This dark, dark brunette extension hair color will blend with hair coloring levels of the 2 and 3 range.

Medium Brown: A softer brunette that looks brunette and doesn't have the "black" tones of the dark brown.

Light Brown: A very soft, light brunette, a little less golden than the dark blonde.

Golden Blonde: A medium dark blonde with subtle golden tones, slightly less than the Strawberry Blonde extension hair, though. (Very close to the Strawberry Blonde. You could probably choose and wear either one of these extension hair colors with no noticeable difference.)

Strawberry Blonde: A medium blonde with stronger golden tones than the Golden Blonde extension hair. (Very close to the Golden Blonde. You could probably choose and wear either one of these extension hair colors with no noticeable difference.)

Platinum Blonde: This is the lightest, coolest blonde in ManeMaxx Extension Hair. Comparable to lightening to the highest levels, 22 and 24.

Bleach Blonde: A lighter blonde extension hair with tones similar to what might result from home bleaching or processing. You may see slight bits of golden lowlights in this light blonde extension hair.

Dirty Blonde: This is a really nice extension hair with 2 colors, a light blonde and a dark blonde mixed together. It is a great blend for hair which has been foiled to have light blonde highlights. This is also great for hair with multiple colors. The hair extensions blend really well when using this color combination. There are some pieces of really light blonde hair in it (platinum or bleach blonde colors). The mix of highlight and lowlight can even give this extension hair the illusion of many colors!

Dark Blonde: This extension hair color is going to be a little more golden than the light brown although the the 2 are very close in color to each other. One could probably select either and get a nice blend if this is the color range of the extension hair needed.

Auburn Brown: A nice soft lighter auburn color. If your hair is light red, this is the color you want!

Red: Dark red tones? This is the color for you!

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