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August 2017

TemBond. What are we doing wrong?

Let's troubleshoot this application. There are some tips you'll find for applying the ManeMaxx hair extensions so that you can get a great strand-by-strand hair extension results that will look great and wear incredibly and last for many, many months!

Here's the convo:

Hey! Me again ! So we finally did our first head! The whole head is installed! However everyday she seems to loose one or two and when we see why, it appears that the bonds just crumbled and detached from her real hair! I'll send you pics of them installed and a pic a them when you see it's crumbling and about to detach! She washed with clarifying shampoo before installing now that they are in, she uses pureology no conditioner or after product and mostly just gently air dries her air to remove water! What are we doing wrong? We also washed the extension lightly with no conditioner before applying. Let me know!! Thanks

Here are the pics, A and B:

A. image3 B. image2

Here's the thing I see with Pic A: Extension bundle is not dipped deep enough into the TemBond. We dip the bundle ¾ inch and finished attachments are around an inch.

Here's the thing I see with Pic B: The bond was not hot enough to seep all the way through the hairs. Melt just a small amount of TemBond in the pot at a time to heat and use.