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April 2015

Auburn Brown or Light Brown Extension Hair?


Mixing extension hair colors to create depth in your final look is easy to do with ManeMaxx®.

You can choose to apply 1 strand of 1 color, for example the Auburn, and then the next strand in a contrasting or complimenting color, like the light brown extension hair pictured here, or you can mix a little of each color into the same strand.

Applying hair extensions this way is fun and easy and since ManeMaxx® makes it simple to learn the safe method with natural products, you can be sure your hair will not suffer from wearing the hair extensions.

You can wear ManeMaxx® hair extension strands for 3-6 months depending on how quickly your hair grows.

Find ManeMaxx® Hair Extension Kits here. For salon and home use.

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What questions do you have on ordering ManeMaxx® Extension Hair? Let us know in the comments below!