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Hair Extensions I Can Afford To Wear

How Much I Saved With DIY Hair Extensions


This is unbelievable. I've done the math and decided I've saved over $15,000 by applying my own hair extensions the last 5 years. Wonderful!


The costs of hair extensions (many times averaging $1500-3000 per installation) usually make it a pretty exclusive service for the rich and famous, which is probably why hair extensions are not yet more commonplace (for example in the heads of all of us with limp, slow-growing hair) but I know this is changing due to more affordable methods to wear hair extensions and to great innovations for applying salon style hair extensions at home like ManeMaxx.

Before I developed  this product I use to apply my own hair extensions, I paid around $800 every 3 months for my pinch braid hair extensions. This included hair and the service of braiding the small bundles of extension hair into my own hair at that base, or root, of my hair.

Spending Verses Savings for Hair Extensions

So, a new hair extension installation every 3 months, the typical limit for the strand-by-strand pinch braid extensions, at $800 per application. (Others, paying far more for their hair extension service, can likely save double, or more, than I have.)

$800 x 4 times per year = $3,200

The 5 years of applying my own hair extensions has allowed me to experiment with different hair colors, lengths and make style changes with the hair extensions more cheaply than if I had to go to the salon to make these changes to my hair. This further became a benefit to me and helped me save even more since changing a hair color and style with the extensions requires even more costly salon appointments.

So, after 5 years with just the hair extension installations:

$3,200 x 5 years = $16,000

That's $16,000 (minus about the couple thousand I may have spent in my own supplies through the years) I didn't have to earn to spend on my hair! That's more free time with my family, my passions, business, even just hobbies because I'm not working more to earn that extra money. (Actually, I love little all-inclusive vacations here and there and can arrange them for about $2200 per week. Using this math, I save amount to the money it would take to fund 5 vacations, at least 1 per year. And I didn't even have to give up my hair extensions to get it! So, I can still vacation with my long, beautiful, super full hair!

Hair Extensions I Can Afford

Do you think hair extensions, just for the rich and famous? No more, baby!

Hair extensions are a huge part of my own life and I've made it so wearing them regularly has worked well into my budget. Just a little bit of time and patience and learning (and imagine the time and patience I had to have creating a new hair extension method!) and I was saving a ton on applying and wearing my own hair extensions. Everyday can be a great hair day!


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