Bed #6

63473a97-3ff2-4a29-b9fe-b0e2ffb98727"Okay, see you soon!" I said to the lovely voice behind intercom of the drive thru and pulled around.

I was with my little man after batting practice, ordering up a chicken sandwich. He rolled his eyes at my comment. I'm embarrassing to this 11 year-old, certainly. I know it :)

So, as I grabbed the busy-bag-dinner for my guy, the woman -- because we are now friends, you know -- comments, “Wow, you're tan!"

And asks, "Have you been somewhere warm?"

I live in Minneapolis and, in the beginning of March, this means an icy, snow-covered sea of paleness on all the people here.1

So I understood why I stand out a bit and replied to her, "Well, not since December…” And I thought to spend a moment of gratitude toward bed #6 and the utter inconvenience that got me there.

I was choosing bed #6 at my local tanning salon for my last few sessions, which I discovered by accident.

Before that, I always chose between bed #1 or #2, because these two 12 minute beds were closet to the door and I always like to position myself closest to the door.2

But, one fateful tanning day, it was particularly busy ...

(Or the attendant lazy) ...

And neither bed #1 or #2 were clean. So she said, "How about bed number 6?" 

Bed #6 is way in the back and it's a 15 minute bed -- 3 minutes longer than what I'm accustomed to, (plus, 6 is my least favorite number) -- but, because I hate to wait, and was certain she'd take longer than 3 minutes to clean a bed, I said okay.

Now, preceding this whole ordeal, I'd been getting a little bit, teeny-tiny irritated over my tanning situation for a while now ... 

Which, I say teeny-tiny because I want you to understand I don't become easily bothered by small things in life.3

But ...

I pay $70 every single month to keep a tan. 

And lately the beds weren't working so hot. It seemed I was wasting my time and that frustrated me.

But, I have to preface by telling you that, in my life, I have this supernatural, invisible hero who swoops in and helps me exactly when I need it. 

And today, getting pushed to bed #6 was what I refer to as some swooping going on…

Because, even though I had to walk further down this long, long hallway, sometimes it's a good thing to go a little deeper, farther; to push beyond the routine, the expected. 

To understand that anything which seems like a pain -- i.e., not getting the 'close-to-the-front-door' beds -- can really be a pain-reliever. 

To try something new ... 

So, I thought about my new friend at the drive thru window and I imagined day after day, car after car, she hears the same response over and over ... 

Or none at all ...

Because, let's be real here, most of us go about ignoring even the very existence of each other. 

I imagine when she heard "Okay, see you soon!” before I pulled around, it made her laugh. 

It made us friends.

It opened a connection. 

And when she smiled and told me how great I looked with that tan, then waved her hand in a circle around the front of her (being sure to include my fancy-pants hair extensions) and said, "Well, you got it all going on girl, good for you," I realized that friendship, that connection, and bed #6 got me a pretty great compliment, too.4

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to spring and have it going on, too!

1   Well, until after spring break, which just started ... not enough time to get to the beach and catch a tan … And I have no plans, guys, so if you live on the beach lmk if your guest room is still open, ha! 

2   I don't adore long walks through parking lots, for example.

3   Unless far away parking spots is a small thing :)

4   Which, by the way, is the most perfect color tan that is EXACTLY what I pay $70 a month for.  It's just too bad that I have to go again and again.  I'd love to pay it all up front and go just once every 4 months like I can with my hair.  It's a bummer I have to deal with it over and over again to keep the tan looking great.  Reminds me of clip-ins, ha!  So, I'm thinking, the next great entrepreneur should come up with a tan that lasts 4 months. You know I'd be a customer! 

If you have a question for me -- any question -- reply to this post in the comments below. Let me know what you're doing for Spring Break. I am always happy to connect and hear from you! Happy spring, beautiful Maxxies!!

XXOO Tiffany

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