What a Perfect ManeMaxx® Customer is Thinking

My hair extension application was successful.

My neighbor helped install them and we took our time and watched all the video's we could. We also read over the whole site to make sure we didn't miss anything!

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S.G. writes: I have very thin kinky, wavy, hair and have tried many hair enhancement methods. I've tried bonding wefts, traditional sew-ins, netting, strand by strand (not fusion), clip-ins. None of these methods are inconspicuous enough and have broken my hair.

I have been looking for something very light weight easy to manage, and cost effective. I have considered fusion (keratin), I was too afraid of the removal process so I stayed away.

I came across ManeMaxx®, and I was quite impressed.

I did do my research regarding the product, and I have to say there were only 2 negative reviews out there. Not bad... 1.) The bonds are hard and hurt when lying down and 2.) Bonds are sticky

For myself and what I've leaned reading reviews and following the directions properly; your bonds should not hurt at all. You may have installed bonds incorrectly and or too closely to the scalp. They are not hard, actually quite comfortable. They are not sticky either. I happen to work out every morning. I wash my hair 4 or 5 times a week following the directions and using a sulfate free cleanser and my bonds feel and last great.

I did a trial run of installing and removal (2 Bonds). Not a problem at all. I was very impressed.

I am a super DIY'er. I did the install in my bathroom. I happen to have a 3 mirrored vanity and the mirrors swivel. This is major help. However after my first 2 rows I didn't need a mirror anymore. It took me a good 3 hours.

I recommend if you have my thin hair texture, to part your hair thin and apply bonds slightly larger for added volume.

I have even did an install on my mother, who is very sensitive to any application to her hair and she is sooo happy with this product.

Most importantly plan your install according to how you will like to wear your hair, and take your time.

Have fun with it! Its a great product. I don't know how I will live with out it now!

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