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"I love the hair extension kit that I purchased...I'm constantly getting compliments on my hair! The extensions blend very well and they are extremely comfortable; I can't even tell that I'm wearing any! Plus, it all looks so natural!"
A.S. - ManeMaxx® Customer
Still love the Manemaxx system and going on my third install. It's lightweight and easy to wear and NOBODY can tell that I'm wearing extensions! EXCELLENT customer service and product!
D. Lopez- ManeMaxx® Customer

Natural & safe, gentle hair extensions in a personal hair extension kit for at home or in the salon.

How does it work?

Small, loose bundles of extension hair are dipped into the warmed TemBond® (in sort of a "fondue" type of manner) and then set on a readied section of natural hair and allowed to cool. This attachment dries instantly and forms a safe, gentle casing to hold the hairs in place for many months or until you remove them. 

When you are ready to remove, the hair extension attachment is bent back and forth by hand to break up the dried TemBond® and then the extension bundle (or strand) is slipped from the hair.

That easy! No chemicals, no pliers, no oils! The extensions is just slipped from the hair! You can even re-use the extension hair, saving resources!

ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions are fun and easy with unbelievable, non-damaging results!

How is it different?

Hair extension glues and fusion bonds to the natural hair. They can pull and tear at the hair causing damage to your own hair with continuous hair extension wear.

The TemBond® removes in seconds and without ANY harsh chemicals or tools! You simply bend to break the bond and it crumbles and is washed away. You save your own hair as well as your extension hair.

One celebrity stylist tells us, "The use of acetone and chemicals to remove fusion hair extensions has literally melted acrylic nails off of my fingers. Occasionally, when the glue just won't come out, the hair has to get a quick snip." [Insert my gasp here.] "I know," she continues, "But, sometimes, we have no choice!"

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