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"I love the hair extension kit that I purchased...I'm constantly getting compliments on my hair! The extensions blend very well and they are extremely comfortable; I can't even tell that I'm wearing any! Plus, it all looks so natural!"
ManeMaxx® Customer
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Natural & Safe, Gentle Salon-Style Hair Extensions in a Personal Hair Extension Kit. ManeMaxx® Hair Extensions are Fun and Easy with Unbelievable, Non-Damaging Results!

How Does It Work?

The hair extensions are placed strand by strand with a specialized, exclusive soft bonding product which forms around each individual hair to form a casing and hold it in place without attaching it to your own hair!

There are no glues, no chemicals or chemical removers. Because there are no glues, keratin wax adhesives or fusion glues there is no pulling or tearing at your own hair to remove the extensions.

Your hair extensions are very secure until you remove them. When you're ready to remove the hair extensions, simply bend to break the specialized, exclusive soft bond and your extension easily falls away without added expense, chemical removers or pulling and tearing at your hair!

TemBond® (TEM-bond) included in your personal hair extension kit is safe and gentle, but very secure, non-adhesive specialized, exclusive soft hair extension bond that holds the extension hair for 4-6 months or for the time you want to wear it. (Read more about TemBond® for hair extensions here.)

Then, unlike hair extensions using glues, tapes or fusion, is removed with ease, free of harsh chemical hair extension removers, pulling or breakage. The hair extension bond is simply broken up into very small pieces and combed out of your hair. (See the hair extension removal in a video here.)

No chemicals or oily removers means you can reuse your hair extension hair over and over again without any harm to your hair!